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In the 1990s, the domain was a then seemingly outrageous $300.*

*  It should be noted that this particular domain was subsequently bought and sold by multiple different domain brokers and corporations… and now goes for an even more ludicrous US $3377.

The ever-escalating price quickly made me realize that would not be my brand.

Over the same period, I was getting back into songwriting,
and starting to assemble my home recording studio…

 Thus, BobSongs was born.

BobSongs Creative Media

The website was initially just a place to put my songs…
but it evolved into a place to post music… and influences… and musings…

BobSongs Musings Blog BobSongs Music Blog

…and eventually, a vehicle to assist youth organizations, artists,
charities and businesses, who were asking for help with their websites and branding.

BobSongs Creative Media

More recently, we’ve added some online businesses:

Haute Note – an online personalized stationery company –
GardenFairyDoors – our Fairy Project Blog, with an online shop –
TreeMax Real Estate – selling homes for magical creatures –

Lorie (my wife) is now busy, running all of those…
…so we just can’t wait to see what is coming up next!