Invest In Your Kids’ Future

I don’t have the domain.

Another Bob Gray, who wanted to run for some political office down in the South Eastern US, beat me to it.  And when his political aspirations ended, he sold it to a Norwegian domain broker, who wanted $2500 for it.  It has changed hands a few times, and different folks have owned it, and tried to sell it, for more, IMO, than it is worth.

THAT is why I use the BobSongs brand… because I was too late.

(And THAT was 20 years ago !!!)

It surprises me, today, how many people, who are online, still haven’t gotten around to reserving their “name” domain… or their children’s.

I have four nieces, and I reserved their domains, as soon as they settled into what they wanted to be called. *

For those who haven’t reserved a domain… there is very little cost, ($10 – $15 per year for a .com domain, a little more for .ca)

The first step is to check the domain availability using a WHOIS search.  Network Solutions has an easy to use one, on their website.

The next step, if the domain is available, is to create an account with a domain registration company, and reserve the names. 


There are a number of companies that do this.  I use Dotster for all my domains, except for the .ca domains, which I keep at

But you can also use GoDaddy,, Network Solutions… there are lots of companies out there.

A few things to keep in mind:

Take the shortest option. doesn’t roll off the tongue the way does.

Don’t use underscores, dashes or numbers: doesn’t work well.  Neither does 

And, finally… Make sure you set up a credit card, and enable the “auto-renew” feature, so that you don’t have to remember to go in and pay for it every year… it just automatically happens.

It isn’t very tough, and it can pay BIG dividends in their futures !!!

* Julia switched to Jules and Gillian to Jill

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