Unca Bob’s Furnishings & More

“Unca Bob’s Furnishings & More” was borne out of a desire to find some one-of-a-kind furniture and decor pieces, that just didn’t exist… other than in my brain!

Each piece is imbued with a bit of whimsy… whether it is a printer tray coffee table, a stereo stand, a coat rack, a whatnot cabinet, or just a ‘plain old wall”.


Unca Bob's Furnishings & More - UncaBob.ca

Each piece tells its own story, and stands apart from other pieces of regular furniture… because it is made with Unca Bob love, and a touch of whimsy!

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The inspiration was an old apartment mailbox, which when married together with reproduced barnwood slats, made a fantastic whatnot keeper / stereo cabinet!  
BobSongs Recording Studio Diffuser Wall - UncaBob.ca

A barn-found dining table, mixed with three printer’s trays, was made into a fantastical coffee table!

(Top shown in 3 pictures below)

Built-in Bar Shelves (for Single Malt Scotch) - UncaBob.ca The need for Single Malt storage was the inspiration for the nook and built-in shelving
BobSongs Recording Studio needed a custom designed corner desk, and a sound-diffusing feature wall BobSongs Recording Studios - Custom Desk - UncaBob.ca
And sometimes, you just need some big dice to roll! Big Dice - Yardzee - Backyard Dice - Outdoor Dice - BobSongs.com