Bob Gray - BobSongs - BobSongs.comMy name is Bob Gray.

I’m a married guy, living and working with my wonderful wife Lorie, and two crazy cats in Pitt Meadows, BC.

By trade, I am a Business Manager, with a background in retail and a commitment to Customer Service.  My areas of specialty include: System Analysis, Social Media, Inventory Management & Controls, Writing, Graphic Arts, Retail Management & Web Design.

Lorie has a background in Office Administration, specializing in Word Processing.  She has an amazing eye for detail, and a fantastical sense of whimsy.Lorie Gray - BobSongs - BobSongs.com

I’ve had a lifelong love with the written word, which has expanded from writing short stories and poems, into songwriting, and then the observations that have evolved into my BobSongs Musings Blog and my BobSongs Music Blog.  You can find links to the OTHER Blogs I write about, with the OTHER interests we have, on the LINKS page.

We started BobSongs Creative Media to help Businesses, Individuals, Artists and Non-Profit Organizations to increase their profile, by helping them to create and maintain a strong online web presence, and to help protect their “Brand” on Social Media.  In the past few years, we’ve had an opportunity to work with different individuals and Organizations… helping them with websites, Social Media, promotions, graphics and other special projects.

My wife and I also run Haute Note – a company that makes personalized notes and cards, as well as making and selling Garden Fairy Doors online.

Beyond that, we love to make lampwork glass beads, enjoy time in our garden, and spend time with our four wonderful nieces.

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