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Bob & Lorie Gray
Bobsongs Creative Media

Bob’s Songs

You may have already figgered out that,
amongst other things, I am a Songwriter.

These are just a few of my Songs.

Bob Gray - BobSongs - Bob's Songs -

If you like what you hear, and would like to use,
license or purchase a Song or Songs…

Please Contact Me !!!

(And, no… we don’t actually record on cassettes any more…
But it looks WAAAAAY nicer than a picture of a USB stick !!!)

Whisky Haze – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

You Are Not Alone© Bob Gray – BobSongs


Wasting Time And Missing You – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

For Those You Left Behind – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

Dream Of Loving You – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

A Memory With A Name – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

Your Face Lit Up With Love – © Bob Gray – BobSongs

Please don’t let the performances get in the way of the songs!
I have no illusions (and no interest) about my EVER being a performer!