Black Cat Saloon

Directly adjacent to the BobSongs Recording Studio, is the Black Cat Saloon… with an ever-growing selection of Single Malt Scotches, as well as other libations.

I have slowly been knocking jobs out of the job jar.
Down in our basement, I have, for a while, been building a bar… and it is done!
I thought I would, upon the occasion of my first (apparently) drunken customer, post some photos.
The glass shelves for the Single Malt Scotches went in on Thursday.
Some folks call these shelves… but, in the Black Cat Saloon, they are Kitty Steps to the window ledge.
Hockey is played all year round, here on the Original Six Hockey Master game.
Not being a woodworker, I’m quite proud of the cabinet for the Blu Ray, X-Box & HD PVRDigital Toys.
King George V is representing the Monarchy, and a dram is always raised in Toast.
Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out !!!
One evening, my wife and I came downstairs to look at the newly installed shelves, and found someone passed out in the bar…

Welcome to the Black Cat Saloon!