Thinking Outside The Box

To put it mildly, as a year, 2020 has been a dumpster fire.

If you were making a recipe for a bad year, you’d start with uncontrollable fires caused by global warming, kerfuffles in the Royal family, impeachment drama, stock market crashes, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash, the everyday difficulties that visible minorities struggle with becoming glaringly apparent, Murder Hornets, Locusts, elections, and a *LOT* of political turmoil and quite a lot of nonsense…

Oh.  And as a final ingredient, throw in a heaping helping of once-every-century Global Pandemic.

If 2020 was a font, it would be Comic Sans.

2020 is the Comic Sans of years -

It is a bit of an understatement to say that, as citizens of the world, we have been battered, bruised, and bewildered by an overwhelming year.

The other evening, while driving to safely drop off products at a client’s door, I was listening to Charles Adler’s Show on CKNW

He had one of the top Canadian Immunologists on, talking about the COVID vaccine, how the developers were able to bring various existing technologies together to make it so quickly, and what the Canadian roll-out would look like, in terms of getting it to Canadians.

At the end of the interview, Charles asked, where can Canadians go for more information about the COVID vaccine?

Their answer was: “Canada dot ca slash en slash public dash health slash services slash immunization dash vaccines dot html”

Charles said something like… “You know what you need to do?”

But nobody listened.

Nobody in Government thought about the end users (the Public), struggling to look for information on a maze-like Government website. (It is nearly impossible.)

Nobody in Government was thinking outside the box.

So, I did.

And, here it is:


Click on this link, to go to the Health Canada Vaccine Information page.