Branding 101

Branding in business, is critical.

Whether “you” are your brand, or you work under a brand name, it is important to (as much as possible) retain control of the messages that come from your brand… or SEEM to come from your brand.

That may sound confusing, but for example, when I was starting, I knew I wanted to “work” under a name that I could obtain and control the .com and .ca domains, the Linked In user name, as well as the Twitter handle.  (At that time, you couldn’t reserve a Facebook URL.) was (at that point) being held by someone from the “Committee to Elect Bob Gray as Governor“, so that wasn’t an option, although I DID pick up the domain. (More on that, in another post.)

You can find out whether a domain is available, by doing a free WHOIS search:

After much debate, deliberation, and seeing what options were available, I settled on BobSongs as my brand, and went about reserving all the domains and social media user names.

Everyone has different preferences, but I like and use for reserving ALL domains, including the .ca (Canadian) domains... because they are Canadian too!

(I believe that everyone should, as a matter of course, “protect” themselves, by reserving the domains associated with their name, their Brand and their children’s names.  If you don’t use them right away, you can “keep” a domain reserved, (it is called parking a domain,) so it is there when you want it.)


Once you have reserved the names, and you are ready to have a website or blog… you can either go about finding a webhost, switching the name servers, and designing your site… or hire someone to do this for you..