Are You REALLY LinkedIn

I am a fan of LinkedIn.

I have a number of connections, and have worked to use LinkedIn to promote and advance my business.

It is a powerful tool, and one of the premiere networks to advance your brand.

It is also “the source” of increasing frustration with the amount of email spam I receive, saying that So And So wants to connect to me, with all appearance of being a being a legitimate LinkedIn invitation… but is actually an attempt to phish (obtain my username and password surreptitiously) my account.

This has become so frequent, that I NEVER use the LinkedIn mobile app any more, and would never click on a link in a LinkedIn email, even f it appears to come from a legitimate email address.

It is a sad statement, that I now look at the source email, before I read ANY email on my Blackberry… and have had to employ a more powerful spam blocking engine,to try to stem the tide of spoofing (An email that has a legitimate address, but actually comes from a spammer) and phishing.

Certainly it is important to network, and not let the spammers stop us from connecting…. But it is equally important to make sure that our Networds are secure, but using caution, diligence, and a strong unique password.


  1. George S on January 26, 2013 at 1:35 am


    I saw a news article a few months back. It basically said, join LinkedIn and you increase your chance of being a victim of identity theft 100%. Kind of makes sense re all the spam you are reporting. So after seeing that I canceled my LinkedIn. Several months later I can report, I don’t miss it a bit. As it turns out it is a huge time water.

    Although everyone back at Translink is on LinkedIn because they are all looking for new jobs. Sad thing is, all it might do is lead a criminal to them, not a job. Who would hire an ex Translink employee anyway.

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